Tamara Resort was founded for the experience of a connection between the vivid colourfulness of natural flora and their soul. From the spacious rooms that open before green lawns to the airy balconies that give you a breathtaking view of the landscape, Tamara Resorts is the modern comfort amidst nature.
There is nothing that can surpass the charms of nature, and at Tamara resorts, nature is at its best. The green gardens here are a treat for sore eyes. This is a getaway that is bound to instil the happiest memories. With the values of complete guest satisfaction and integrity at its core, Tamara’s staff ensures that all the guests enjoy a delightful stay.

The project was a big success and was known as ‘a resort in collaboration with nature.’ Tamara provides a weekend getaway for the hard workers who do not have time to relax and rejuvenate. Taking forward this legacy and providing more to Hyderabad, the concept of a resort with a water park was developed on 20 acres at BakaramJagir before Chilkur X Roads. In the quest for providing more facilities, the company is coming out with an exclusive convention centre, which will be an integration nature. Entertainment will be an added attraction. This project houses a mega water park on 20 acres surrounded by greenery. The vision of being close to nature is always in the mind of Tamara Resorts, thus all things natural find a place. Contributing to the community and the use of eco-friendly products comes with the promise of relaxation.