SL Rock Sand (P) Ltd: Established in the year 2005 has now become an ISO 9001:2000. Producing sand and aggregates of 10mm, 20mm and 40mm it has become one of the largest manufacturers in this industry.


10mm: 10 mm Aggregates are used in the production of concrete structures, construction of roads, buildings and bridges.

20mm: 20 mm Aggregate size is the most used aggregate in both Concrete making, Asphalt making & Road Construction.

40mm: 40mm Aggregates are usually utilized in the construction of roads or as a layer beneath the asphalt surface. It is used in both small private construction and the construction of large industrial spaces.
These Aggregates are employed on sub-bases in construction of highways and railways.
The 40mm Aggregate is the most popular choice and is also used as a filler for parking areas and as bases for foundations of building work areas.


SL Rock Sand is manufactured with rigorous adherence and under strict supervision of various quality parameters. While environmental compliance drives the product, it is the quality and superiority over riversand that drives us. It is ISO approved and saves on consumption of cement by 4% – 5% as well as water.